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Dr. Henry S. Dowling, MD and Dr. Laura S. Dowling, DC are a husband and wife team, who have been married over 20 years and have four beautiful gifts Nalani, Kayla, Harmony and Austin. They opened Associates in Integrated Health, (AIIH) in 2002 as Bermuda’s first integrated health practice offering a collaboration of medical and chiropractic care.


In 2002, Dr. Henry and Dr. Laura returned to Bermuda to practice in their respective fields. On their return, an opportunity was given to Dr. Laura to purchase an existing chiropractic practice while Dr. Henry covered for medical offices. Very soon, the doctors learned that the similarities in their core values also expanded into how they cared for patients.


It became apparent that taking a moment to listen and care for the patient as a whole person rather than attempting to fix a list of problems yielded far greater results.  This “wholistic” model of integrated care became the keystone of AIIH. The practice has expanded and contracted over the years, as necessary, to bring the most effective services and procedures to the community.


Collectively, the AIIH team of directors and providers bring over 40 years of professional experience and expertise to your office visit. The foremost goal is to provide a “wholistic” patient-centered approach to care. In addressing the whole person, AIIH has expanded its services to include traditional family medicine via Direct Primary Care (DPC), chiropractic care, rehabilitation, nutritional support and counseling services.


Our commitment is to offer supportive products and services which truly enhance patient outcomes and offer proven and lasting results.

About Us


AiIH is Bermuda’s first integrated medical and chiropractic practice. We offer a collaborative approach to your health care which includes traditional family medicine, chiropractic care, nutritional and support, rehabilitation and counseling services.

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